Cape Town Continued....

After the book fair I was wheeled into a van and driven around the mountain to a new hotel - this time in stunning Claremont. My publishers took pity on my withered right hand and sent me off for the first ever right arm massage which was like heaven. Unfortunately I had nothing else to complain about after that so I immediately perked up and whistled annoyingly in the corridors at all times. Perhaps it was the mountain, or the fine wine, or perhaps it was just the more relaxed schedule but the final 5 days in Cape Town were sheer bliss, apart from being scolded by the hotel manager after he caught me talking to a giant tortoise in the hotel garden. That aside, we had a great launch at EB Constantia and Spud Film producer Ross Garland joined me on stage for a Q&A at the quaint Kalk Bay Bookshop. It was great to share the load and Garland seemed to mightily enjoy himself, so much so that he began signing my books for a number of confused folks who appeared to think he was the author.

On Sunday I flew back to Jozi from where I now write this. So stay tuned because next week I'll be telling you about some behind the scenes shenanigans of week 3 of my book tour. This will include my controversial appearance on the set of 7de Laan this morning and my return to Durban for another set of launches next week. Perhaps I'll call the final Spud, "The Death of Frankenstein!" Still I'm gonna miss him when he's gone, although I'll never forget the queues of people who have spent hours waiting for my signature. Surely this is proof that the world has gone mad!

Chat soon