FRIDAY 27 March 2009

75 days until launch of Spud Learning to Fly!
Greetings and Salutations
It gives me enormous pleasure and considerable relief to announce that Spud Learning to Fly is now complete. Tomorrow morning, serious looking men in a bright yellow van will arrive and take my final manuscript away to the Penguin colony, where it will be turned into a book with a life of its own. Having finished my 14 month hermitic odyssey an hour ago, I am somewhat at a loss for words, with a myriad of thoughts and emotions swirling around my fuzzy head. I have become far too close to this new baby to speak objectively, from this point on it is what it is.
On Monday Jules and I leave for Cambodia, via Malaysia for two months of wandering with nothing but a return ticket and a backpack. I will be writing regular blogs to document my journey, my sometimes bizarre thoughts and encounters, and count down to the big day when Learning to Fly takes off.
I leave you now with the thought of the wonder of flight in all its forms.
Chat soon