John van de Ruit Tweets to Spud Fans

Spud fans flocked to Twitter to chat to John van de Ruit, the author of the Spud series.

To celebrate the release of the fourth and final Spud book, Spud – Exit, Pursued by a Bear, John van de Ruit conducted a live Twitter chat on 7 August. Fans followed #Spud4, the official hashtag for the book, and tweeted their questions to John at @johnvanderuit. 

Here are a few highlights:

@johnvanderuit: Welcome to the twitter chat. Remember to use #Spud4 to join. Coffee up, scrape the snow off your boots & fire away

@Pickled_Chef: @johnvanderuit #Spud4 the book was a triumph old boy! *said in the Guv's voice*

@Tammy24_7: @johnvanderuit If you could have any character from another book guest star in #Spud4 who would it be and why?

@johnvanderuit:@Tammy24_7 Yossarian from Catch 22. Sheer genius for my mind. "I plan to live forever or die in the attempt..." #spud4

@salambander: @johnvanderuit My grade 9s are studying Spud 1 in class and loving it. Do you have any words of wisdom for them? #spud4

@johnvanderuit: @salambander Tell them to count their lucky stars, we had Thomas Hardy! #spud4

@QueenKelso: @johnvanderuit My dad has 'stolen' each Spud book, just as I get into it... Any advice to get #Spud4 out of his clutches? @PenguinBooksSA

@johnvanderuit: @QueenKelso Unplug his bar fridge and threaten a tantrum. Gluck #spud4

@johnvanderuit: Okay now a question for you all. What was the moment in the series when you felt hooked? #spud4

@Pickled_Chef: @johnvanderuit when Dad cracked open a beer from the stash Frank left in the boot, saying, "the taste that stood the test of time" #Spud4

@TiaancVan: @johnvanderuit #spud4 The house play in Madness continues...

@johnvanderuit: The house play was the sum total of a thousand mortifying moments on stage. Glad you liked it too. #spud4

@QueenKelso: @johnvanderuit the funniest #Spud moment, for me, was when Fatty came out that spaza shop holding two tins of baked beans! #Spud4

@AzraaBux: @johnvanderuit Where's your favorite city in South Africa ? #Spud4

@johnvanderuit: @AzraaBux Tough one. Cape Town is gorgeous, Durban is home and in Jozi I feel famous. #spud4

@Pickled_Chef: @johnvanderuit thank you so much for your time! It's been epic. Don't deprive us of more of your brilliance for too long! Side Guy! #Spud4

@johnvanderuit: Many thanks for all your questions and comments. Let me know if you would like to and we'll do it again sometime. Spudlove everyone! #spud4

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