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Cape Town Continued....

After the book fair I was wheeled into a van and driven around the mountain to a new hotel - this time in stunning Claremont. My publishers took pity on my withered right hand and sent me off for the first ever right arm massage which was like heaven. Unfortunately I had nothing else to complain about after that so I immediately perked up and whistled annoyingly in the corridors at all times.

2nd June 2009

This may surprise you, but the over riding feeling i have after returning home to Durban after two months in Asia, is one of order. Now order isn't a word one usually associates with South Africa - but there you have it. I am once again struck by the degree to which afro-pessimism frames so many people's views when compartmentalizing our country. The other thing i have noticed since returning home, is the level of hype and anticipation about Learning To Fly. I expected a storm but this is looking more and more like a category 5 hurricane with a chip on its shoulder.

29 April 2009

42 Days to Launch

So here I sit in a tiny Internet cafe in Siem Riep, Cambodia. Outside thunderous rain thrashes down onto the humble little streets from ominously blackened thunderclouds. It's been over a month since we heard another South African voice - how quickly you become accustomed to a new existence. In Cambodia ones identity as a western traveller or "barang" is fixed, stymied by history, language and a pale skin. Nobody here has heard of South Africa - they call us Aussies or Americans which is equally galling.

FRIDAY 27 March 2009

75 days until launch of Spud Learning to Fly!
Greetings and Salutations

Sunday 1st March 2009

In Spud, the character of The Guv inscribes a book of poetry, which he presents to Spud Milton on his 14th birthday. It reads, “Here’s to all the beginnings, and the possibilities they bring.”

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