About John van de Ruit

 John van de RuitJohn van de Ruit is an actor, playwright and author who was educated at Michaelhouse and received a Masters degree in Drama and Performance studies from the University of KwaZulu – Natal.

His debut novel, Spud, is a publishing phenomenon in South Africa, smashing all local fiction records. Following Spud’s release in September 2005, the sequel Spud – The Madness Continues… (2007) received rave reviews and both books have since been published around the globe.

The penultimate book in the side-splitting series, Spud – Learning to Fly, was released in 2009. The fourth and final book in the series, Spud - Exit, Pursued by a Bear was released in 2012.

The Spud series has sold over half a million copies in South Africa alone. A feature film of John’s first novel, Spud, was released in Southern Africa in December 2010 starring John Cleese and Troye Sivan. The film debuted at number one at the South African box office and is being distributed internationally. A film of Spud – the Madness Continues… is due for release in South African cinemas on 21 June 2013.