The end of the line

Greetings all. At last i have returned to Wombat's flat after finally slaying the beast that was the Learning to Fly book tour. It's been two months of adrenaline, joy and exhaustion, but how marvellous to have met so many people who have been moved in some way by my books. As i've said before, writing is a lonely business, not just because it is a a solitary pursuit, but rather because you never experience a reaction to any particular line that you have written. In two months i have spoken to so many people, heard their stories and discovered what makes them snigger and guffaw.  It was the connection and closure to the writing process that i needed, and i have more than had my fill. There were some days when i grew tired of my own voice and deeply  regretted the moment when the name Spud first floated into my brain. But most of the time I felt loved and celebrated. So thank you all. Without you, there would be no me.

For those of you who now own a signed copy of Spud, Learning to Fly, i have bleak news. I may have signed as many as 12 000 books in the past 60 days so the chances are that having an unsigned copy is infinitely more rare and valuable. Sorry about that. Also my signature has evolved from a trail of spider excrement, to a rather camp and dramatic swirling affair. The camp version is not accepted by my bank who clearly prefer the spiderpoo version. Therefore, one could conclude, that my signature isn't even real and could be illegal. Makes one wonder if the arthritic hand and strained neck was really worth it in the end...

So what now? In truth i haven't a clue. There is no chance of  beginning the final book before next year, as i need a serious break from all things Spudly and like the man himself, I find myself in a desperately fragile state of mind. Certainly i will keep an eye on Spud the movie, but as the project advances so my influence decreases. I really back the team at Roguestar Films and it's time to let the real professionals do their work and realise their vision. I'm not even sure where i might end up living in the foreseeable future as my current abode has become a place of work for me, and right now drifting around seems far more palatable than living the quiet life here in Durbs.

Speaking of Durbanites, tomorrow is the last day for applications to audition for Spud the movie, so if you're hellbent on fame and stardom then proceed directly to For those of you in the other centres, auditions are coming your way, so get to it immediately! I wish you all the luck and remember that there is nothing but pride to lose.

Bye for now, and once in a while remember to release your inner idiot.